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    1. Question: What is pnenow?
      Answer: pnenow is an advertising company. Every time you purchase a position, your ad will be placed on our rotation list and earn 10 credits towards your advertising. Your ad will be effectively displayed to our members. You will receive the same services that are offered at other advertising companies, but without paying outrageous fees. You can purchase up to a total of 500 positions at this time. pnenow is NOT an investment opportunity.

    2. Question: How does pnenow work?
      Answer:pnenow has been designed by online marketers with 20+ years of experience. It is a very simple system that works like this: When you buy a position ($20 value), the system sends $2 commission immediately to your sponsor. Then the system will cycle 35 positions and send $0.4 ( 2% ) commission to each position. We adopted this wonderful concept to control cycling positions with amazing 2% daily cycling plan with 300 to 150 max times cycle.

    3. Question: Can I login more than one username on the same computer?
      Answer: No. To avoid confusing, you can login one username at a time. If you need to login different username, you must close out all open browser pages then open new browser page.

    4. Question: Will I lose my advertising positions purchase money?
      Answer: Your advertising positions purchase is not refundable. You lose your purchase money at the time you pay for your advertising positions. However, you will start to earn commission as soon as you purchase and continue to earn month after month.

    5. Question: Are there any risks involved?
      Answer: Your potential risk will be your advertising positions purchase. If you follow our terms and help promoting, your positions will contine to earn steadily. You will also earn a 10% of direct referral commission.

    6. Question: Can I use my earnings to purchase advertising positions?
      Answer: Yes. You can re-purchase with your earnings. However, if you decide to make a withdrawal request, and then buy a new position after you're paid, you will have lost a few valuable days. Time is money.

    7. Question: Can I earn as a free member?
      Answer: No. You cannot earn or withdraw. However, you will be credited for your referral commissions. You must purchase at least the amount of commissions that you have earned before getting paid.

    8. Question: Tell me, is this real, or is it some sort of a gimmick to make me believe that this work that fantastic?
      Answer: Yes, it is real. Every time you receive a commission earned, your commission and balance are automatically credited. If you have any doubt, please make a withdraw first before building your many positions.

      We verify every withdrawal carefully before the withdrawal is honored. It normally takes 2 to 5 working days (exclude Saturday, Sunday, holidays and disaster days) to fund your withdrawal.

    9. Question: In case of emergency, how do I contact you?
      Answer:Our web site resides on a very reliable dedicated server with 99% up time. Occasionally, we have some technical problems. If our site can not be found, please do not panic! You can always contact us at email address in case of our domain is down.


    1. Question: Do I need to request withdraw?
      Answer: Yes, the withdraw option is available in your back office. You must maintain at least 1 advertising position to get paid and earn commission.

    2. Question: How long does it take to withdraw my fund?
      Answer:Withdrawals are paid by SolidTrustPay directly. The minimum amount for each withdrawal is $20.
        Estimated payout processing time
      1. Estimated payout processing time is displayed on your withdrawals status

      2. To prvent fraud of any kind, your first withdraw processing time is 5 working days.

      3. Working days exclude Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and Disaster days

      4. Estimated pay date = Requested date + Estimated processing time + Weekends + Disaster relief days

      5. No payout on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and Disaster days

      6. The processing time is an estimate. It can be longer or shorter. You may submit support ticket, if your withdrawal has not been processed after 5 days of the estimated processing time.
      7. The estimated payout processing time is subjected to change by our growth.
      8. You can request withdraw once every 3 days.


    1. Question: What methods of payment can I use?
      Answer: We currently accept SolidTrustPay. If you do not have account, you can click here to sign up an account with SolidTrustPay now.

    2. Question: How many sites can I submit?
      Answer: You can submit 1 site at this time.

    3. Question: What type of sites can I advertise in pnenow?
      Answer: No adult, gamble, illegal copied software selling, or other offensive content. Your site cannot contain pop-ups, or domain forwarding. Please follow above rules seriously. Violators will forfeit their earnings.


    1. Question: How do I get paid for my referral commissions?
      Answer: Every time your referrals purchase an advertising position, you get paid immediately. This process is done by the system automatically. You do NOT need to do anything.


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